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Turbo lawnmower


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Turbo lawnmower

Turbo Lawnmower (2006)

This was a silly project i attempted during university purely as a way of procrastinating an assignment or exam study. I had an old Td04 turbo i got from the wreckers of an old diesel van motor and also a lawnmower that was on its last legs.

The first incarnation was made from scrap steel found in the shed, a drill and an old arc welder. There was no actual performance increase. just removing the governor made the engine rev much faster. The turbo didn’t spin very fast and i doubt there was any boost created.

Not longer after this was up and running i picked up a 200AMP AC/DC Welder and an Argon bottle. I started making some changed and swapped the carby onto the inlet side of the turbo. I made some aluminium pipes to connect the turbo to the motor and the new revisions made a massive difference. The turbo impeller speed was much higher and even emmitted a whistle. I had not boost guage at the time but imagine it would of made 1 or 2 psi. The engine revved harder than with the old setup and made a lot more smoke.

Videos of the original and revised lawnmower were uploaded onto YouTube.

Original Video

Revised Video

Revised Turbo Setup

Velocity stack on the carby

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